About Us


 Ari Ash Glam LLC. was started when two mothers dealt with the extreme lows of postpartum depression and found it very hard to see themselves in the images on todays reality tv shows and social media. They came together to come up with ways to love themselves and created a bond through the highs and lows of their experiences. They found that the simple things made all the difference. 

When getting up in the morning was hard and feeling pretty was even harder, it was in a simple coming of the minds that gave birth to the company. The thought was, what are the things that make us feel beautiful without going above and beyond. 

Ari Ash Glam LLC. was founded to be a haven of self-care. We aim to replenish our belief in our own ability to light up our lives through self care and its many forms. 

Our brand is represented by two colors:

The color pink represents nurturing and love which is always available within ourselves. White represents empowerment and simplicity which can easily be attained by taking time to take care of ourselves. 

We aim to make that process easier by providing products that take the complex thinking out of doing what makes you feel appreciated and beautiful.